Transport Department

For more than 60 years, at INDUSTRI we are specialists in the manufacture of customised components and spare parts for trains and buses, as well as for other vehicles including lorries, ambulances, police and school vehicles.

We design, prototype and manufacture mechanically and electrically-operated blinds, rear view mirrors, hinges, hubcaps, footrests, roof windows, diesel fuel caps, exhaust pipes and other accessories.

Our engineering team can adapt any of our accessories to the technical requirements of your project or develop the part from zero.

What do we offer you?


Custom manufacturing of accessories for:

Discover our 3D printing service

CAs specialists in custom manufacturing, at Industri we offer you our 3D Printing service; ideal for rapid prototyping, creating functional prototypes and manufacturing short runs. Get your colour, high-precision and quality parts in a matter of hours.

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Engineering Services

At INDUSTRI, as well as manufacturing components and spare parts for the farming industry, we have an R&D Department where new products are developed in close collaboration with our customers. We have a long background of experience in designing special machinery to manufacture said components and equipment.

Engineering Services
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