Manufacture of accessories for ambulances

Custom manufacturing of parts for ambulances

Custom manufacturing of parts for ambulancesAt INDUSTRI we supply customised spare parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles, including ambulances. We have long experience in the design and production of customised components for ambulances, such as blinds, hinges and rear view mirrors.

We take care of the entire process: from personalised design based on the customer’s specific needs to manufacture of the part. Our experience spanning more than 50 years, combined with the latest technologies, means that we can guarantee the quality of our products while offering our customers an unbeatable service.

What kind of accessories do we manufacture?

Custom manufacturing of blinds for ambulances

We manufacture all kinds of blinds for ambulances: our R&D&I department works to guarantee effective adaptation in every project; we therefore design the blinds best suited to your needs and deliver the assembled piece.

All of our blinds are made with top-quality materials in the endeavour to keep their maintenance to a minimum. We also have a catalogue with a wide variety of weights, colours and accessories.

What kind of blinds do we manufacture?

Spring-operated blinds

Custom manufacturing of spring-operated blinds for ambulancesThis model of blind has a longer service life than the others due to rolling up without banging when released suddenly by the user, also making it more comfortable for passengers.

Consult our extensive range of fabrics and colours, as well as the accessories available for our spring-operated blinds.

Scissor blinds

Custom manufacturing of scissor blinds for ambulancesThanks to a system developed by our R&D&I department, these blinds can be positioned in different angles as required.

Our electrically-operated scissor blinds come with a rear scissor system thanks to which the side guides are no longer necessary. They use silent 24V motors with programmable stops for the upwards and downwards movements. The housing is in grey lacquered aluminium.

In addition to the scissor model, a model in cross shape is also available.

Electrically-operated roller blinds

Custom manufacturing of electrically-operated roller blinds for ambulances
Electrically-operated roller blinds run on different kinds of motor according to the use to be made of them. Generally speaking, at INDUSTRI we use a tubular motor. These blinds come with an exterior aluminium headrail, but they can also be made without a headrail.

We have an extensive catalogue of fabrics, with different weights and colours; all are fire retardant and comply with fire and smoke regulations for the automotive industry.

Mechanically-operated blinds

Custom manufacturing of mechanically-operated blinds for ambulances
Mechanically-operated blinds are fitted with a spring-operated mechanism and a pull cord to raise or lower them. Said cord can be fitted on the left or the right of the blind.

The blinds come with an exterior matt black anodised aluminium headrail to protect the fabric, but they can also be made without a headrail. In these cases they come with an idler rather than a spring-operated mechanism.

Our mechanically-operated blinds can come with an opaque lower strip for protection from the sunlight. They can also come with a central tab for raising or lowering them.

Custom manufacturing of rear view mirrors for ambulances

At INDUSTRI we have wide experience in manufacturing rear view mirrors for ambulances. We take care of the entire process: from the design to approval and manufacture of the end product, also carrying out a visibility study to comply with all current regulations on indirect viewing systems.

We make mirrors for heated and unheated glass, mechanical and electrical actuators (motors), switches and joysticks, housings in polyester and polyurethane, etc.

What type of rear view mirrors do we make?

Exterior rear view mirrors

At INDUSTRI we work closely with the customer throughout the entire process to obtain the best possible rear view mirrors for their vehicles. We manufacture heated and non-heated exterior rear view mirrors.

Interior rear view mirrors

The interior rear view mirrors manufactured by INDUSTRI are designed to be placed inside the ambulance in such a way as to give the driver full view of the interior.

The interior rear view mirror is mounted to the body of the ambulance by means of an arm with a plate at one end which is fixed with adhesive to another plate of similar measurements. The latter is fixed to the bodywork with 4 screws so that, in the event of an impact, the housing of the mirror (complete, including the arm), would come away from the plate fixed to the bodywork.

We have several models of interior rear view mirrors:

Oval interior rear view mirrors

Custom manufacturing of oval interior rear view mirrors for ambulancesOur oval rear view mirrors have a main body made in Nylon 6, with a perfectly shaped cavity to house the mirror. A mirror support is incorporated to the main cover with 4 countersunk screws and the mirror is fixed to said support with double-sided adhesive.

An arm support is fixed to the back of the main housing of the interior rear view mirror using an Allen wrench; this support acts as a hinge when adjusting the mirror to either side and also secures the arm in place.

Rectangular rear view mirrors

Custom manufacturing of rectangular rear view mirrors for ambulances
These mirrors are rectangular in shape and are designed and manufactured in the sizes provided by the customer. They come fitted with a rear mounting arm. The mirror is fixed to a steel plate with a rubber surround to give it a pleasant appearance.

Round interior rear view mirrors

Custom manufacturing of round interior rear view mirrors for ambulances
These rear view mirrors are manufactured in the diameter requested by the customer, in order to adapt to the vehicle dimensions. They have rear metal mounting arms to secure them in place according to the desired design.


As well as the integral manufacture of rear view mirrors for ambulances, at INDUSTRI we also separately design and manufacture a number of parts for exterior and interior rear view mirrors.

These components and spare parts for rear view mirrors are essential for them to function perfectly.

We have the following components for rear view mirrors:


Custom manufacturing of dovetails for rear view mirrors for ambulances
There are different systems for mounting rear view mirrors on the ambulance body, depending on the model of rear view mirror.

For fixed, non-adjustable rear view mirrors we use male and female dovetails. Both are made in aluminium, injected or gravity die cast, and cannot be adjusted or moved in any way while the vehicle is in use. The male dovetail is fixed to the vehicle structure and the female is mounted to the rear view mirror.


Custom manufacturing of switches for rear view mirrors for ambulances
Thanks to these joystick-type switches, the driver can adjust the rear view mirrors from inside the ambulance without leaving their seat, making the adjustment easier and safer.

Mirror glass

Custom manufacturing of mirror glasses for rear view mirrors for ambulancesMirror glass and its housing is designed to meet the needs of the customer, of the rear view mirror model and of the ambulance itself.

Mirror glass comes in different sizes and with different curvatures. Some kinds of glass are heated to prevent them from steaming over in low temperatures; this increases the driver’s ability to see in adverse situations.

Other vehicles for which we manufacture customised parts:

Other vehicles for which we manufacture customised parts


Personalisation and

At INDUSTRI we work hand in hand with our customers, meaning that we can manufacture all kinds of components adapted to their needs.

Innovation and

We have our own R&D Department, enabling us to lead the way in the development of new products.


We are committed to efficiency and constant improvement as the path to sustainability.

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