Made to measure hinges for trains

Custom manufacturing of hinges for the railway industry

At INDUSTRI we design, manufacture and supply replacement hinges for trains. Each project is designed according to the customer’s needs. Our catalogue includes hinges for both interior and exterior luggage holds.

Over the years we have improved our designs with new and more effective interlocking systems, as well as other treatments to extend the useful life of our hinges. All are designed to withstand heavy use and are made with the best possible materials to prevent them from rusting.

What kind of hinges do we manufacture?

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Hinges for interior luggage holds

Custom manufacturing of hinges for interior luggage holds for the railway industryThe interior hold hinges are used to secure the doors of luggage holds on trains, just like the luggage holds on planes. They are usually fitted symmetrically to function at the same time.

These hinges can be made with different components (with or without a ball joint) and each model is tried out on our test benches to guarantee a lasting service.

Hinges for doors for the disabled with interlocking

Custom manufacturing of hinges for doors for the disabled for the railway industryWith a specific design to meet even the most demanding requirements, this extremely hard-wearing hinge comes with an interlocking system to prevent it from closing involuntarily.

Designed to function with heavy duty working loads and outdoors, no matter what the weather. All of the hinge parts are either made in stainless steel or have a surface treatment against the oxidation caused by wind and water.

The quality of the design and the materials used to make this hinge guarantee that it will enjoy a long life.

Hinges for luggage holds with no ball joint

Hinges with no ball joint for luggage holds are laser cut, folded and painted to suit the customer’s needs and meet their specifications. The hinges are riveted at their swivelling point and have a mechanical stop to prevent them from travelling further than required. They are composed of a gas cylinder or spring which stops the hinge from opening excessively and function as dampers.

These hold hinges are used to secure the doors of the luggage holds on trains, similar to the luggage holds on planes.

Non-ball joint hinges are made in sets of two symmetrical hinges fitted one in front of the other for improved operation. The quality studies carried out on our test bench have established that the service life of this kind of hinges is approximately 45,000 cycles.

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