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Machinery engineering and design

At INDUSTRI, as well as manufacturing components and spare parts for different INDUSTRIes, we have an R&D Department where new products are developed in close collaboration with our customers. We have a long background of experience in designing special machinery to manufacture said parts and equipment.

We take care of the entire component creation process: from the design, including prototyping – using 3D printing if necessary – to the test bench and mass production if the customer so desires.

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At INDUSTRI we offer our customers the services of an engineering team in order to collaborate with them closely on the development of our products.

Our core mission is to provide our customers with solutions. Not only is designing components an essential part of our customised projects, it is also a period when we at INDUSTRI wish to offer our vast experience in the sector, contributing our knowledge and ideas to guarantee perfect results.

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We create ABS designs and prototypes from 3D plans for companies on request. We have a Dimension sst 1200 prototyping machine thanks to which we can create physical parts from simple 3D drawings.

Our company offers you this technology to enable rapid prototyping, in only a short time and with a quality finish. In the event that the first rapid prototypes demonstrate the viability of the designs, we manufacture the final prototypes in more hard-wearing materials before proceeding with the mould production process.

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3D printing

At INDUSTRI we offer a comprehensive quality service, making designs and prototypes in ABS from 3D drawings. The advent of 3D printers has considerably reduced prototyping times by enabling us to obtain different versions of a same part in a matter of hours, also meaning that all changes and modifications can be quickly made until obtaining the part required by the customer.

Consult our team about the design and prototyping possibilities of your specific case.

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Test bench

INDUSTRI also offers the Test Bench service to validate the service life of products and even the way they function in different real-life situations.

Here we analyse the performance of the products and their operating characteristics in order to be able to guarantee quality products.

This is an important step forward in testing and verifying the effectiveness and versatility of the products. The test bench is essential for anticipating the efficiency and resistance of components and spare parts and, therefore, measuring success of the process.

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Mass production

At INDUSTRI, as well as the design, prototyping and testing of components and spare parts, we also have assembly lines for manufacturing any kind of part and/or product.

At our facilities we can offer production processes such as cutting, stamping, lathe work, spinning, machining, moulding, screen printing, electroplating baths, welding etc. for the manufacture of bus, coach and train components.

For every new project and product we develop, we design a production chain adapted to its manufacturing process.

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