Blinds for school buses

Customised for school coaches

At INDUSTRI we manufacture all types of customised accessories for school buses, such as blinds, rear view mirrors, roof windows, hinges, hubcaps and footrests. In addition, to meet school transport regulations, we also manufacture the V-10 sign, obligatory on vehicles used to transport schoolchildren.

This V10 reflective sign or blind is available indifferent sizes and formats, adapted to current regulations (rigid, roller and/or with LED lighting).

How and where to display the school transport sign?

When travelling to and from school, buses must identify themselves by means of a school bus sign or blind, in this case the V10 sign, which must be placed inside the vehicle in such a way that can be seen from the outside at all times. These signs must always be displayed during the school run/service.

The sign or blind must have a system for fixing to the coach, ensuring that it sits upright and remains firmly in place at all times. It must also be easy to attach and remove, with no need for tools.

Depending on their size, buses must display at least one sign at the rear and sometimes another at the front, with the following dimensions:

  • Buses with up to 19 places: no front sign is required and the rear sign must measure 20 cm on all sides.
  • Buses with more than 19 places and up to 10 metres in length: both signs, front and rear, are mandatory; both must measure 20 cm on all sides.
  • Buses of more than 10 metres in length: mandatory front and rear signs, measuring 36 cm on all sides.

All of our models comply with the requirements of the General Vehicle Regulation.

What kind of blinds for school buses do we manufacture?

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Rigid blinds

Customised rigid blinds for school coachesThese blinds display the school icon in reflective material on a sign fixed to the bus window with 4 suction pads.

This blind or sign meets the requirements specified in the General Vehicle Regulation, Royal Decree 2822/1998, in particular the V10 School Transport Sign, the latest amendment to which is constituted by Presidential Order 43/2007 (Spanish Official Gazette no. 20 of 23/01/2007).

  • Manufactured in two sizes: rigid sign 360 x 360 mm (approval no.: V10.081) and rigid sign 200 x 200 mm (approval no.: V10.082).
  • The blind is composed of a semi-rigid, screen-printed and adhesive Level 2 micro-prismatic retroreflective polycarbonate sheet.
  • This sheet is glued to a sheet of PVC 2.5 mm thick with corners rounded to a radius of 15 mm.
  • It has a suction pad at each of the 4 corners with a diameter of 30 mm.

Roller blinds

Customised roller blinds for school vehicles

These manually operated roller blinds display the school symbol in reflective material. They can be fitted to both the front and the rear of the bus. They can come with a PVC headrail for enhanced fabric protection and aesthetic appearance. They can also be rolled both up and down.

  • They come in two sizes: 360 x 360 mm (approval no.: V10.080) and 200 x 200 mm (approval no.: V10.083).
  • They are composed of a flexible, screen-printed Level 2 micro-prismatic retroreflective sheet welded to a calendared sheet in 100% PVC with a thickness of 0.28 mm.
  • Roller blinds with a headrail come with a trigger acting as a brake and a pull cord to roll them up or down; said cord can come on the right or the left.
  • They can be manufactured without a headrail when the blind is concealed within the bus structure.
  • They are fixed to the bus windows by means of a suction pad fitted to the lower part of the blind.

LED school blinds

LED V10 school blinds

The pictogram on the V10 sign can be supplied with lighting which must switch on automatically when the doors of the vehicle open. This sign comes in two sizes and in flexible or rigid format.

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