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At INDUSTRI we work for both national and international companies. We adapt to each customer, designing and creating customised parts to suit their requirements. That’s why we’re convinced that we contribute to the profits and development of numerous companies around the world.

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International customers



Merkavim develops, designs and manufactures tourist buses, interurban buses, low-floor buses, armoured buses, minibuses, VIP buses...


Caetanobus manufactures high-quality coachwork and buses for its customers. Its products include tourist and interurban buses, city buses, minibuses, etc.

Irmaos Mota

Irmaos Mota is a company dedicated to supplying its customers with quality bodywork. Its main activity is the construction of bodywork for heavy passenger transportation.


MobiPeople was created in 2008 in Portugal. It specialises in the transformation and manufacture of bodywork and repairs.


Soiltec is a German company specialising in technological engineering for vehicles, offering innovative geotechnical products and ideas.



Alstom is a world leader in integrated railway systems. As well as manufacturing trains, it commercialises all kinds of systems, equipment and services for the railway industry.
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CFD is a company specialising in the railway industry. Its activity is versatile: ranging from the construction and operation of railway lines, to the manufacture of train carriages and wagons, and the maintenance of railway equipment.

Israel Railways

Israel Railways develops, manages and carries out maintenance on Israel’s railway infrastructure. Its integral development plan has provided a top quality service in the transport of passengers and goods.

ESG Rail

ESG Rail is a railway engineering consultancy firm incorporated in the United Kingdom. ESG specialises in managing the design, development and commissioning of railway vehicles and locomotives.


Bombardier is one of the world’s most important train and plane manufacturers. It provides solutions for railway vehicles, propulsion and controls, vehicle maintenance and modernisation, etc.

Spare parts

Keshet Millenium

Keshet Millenium is a company based in Israel which supplies spare parts for the automobile market, working for big-name brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.


Carlyle Bus & Coach Ltd. supplies different coach body components and provides an array of engineering and repair services. Although it mainly works in the United Kingdom, it also offers its services in Ireland.


Gorgos is a company founded in Morocco in 2002 dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of coach and bus accessories. Over the years, Gorgos has developed and diversified the products it offers.

National customers



IRIZAR builds luxury coaches (it is the absolute leader in Spain and holds second place in Europe) and its activity extends to 71 countries.
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Sunsundegui builds bodywork for HGVs, especially coaches and trains. It exports buses to 16 countries.
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UNVI S.A. manufactures passenger vehicles and special vehicles including buses and coaches for VIPs, people with reduced mobility, clinics, etc.
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CAF is one of the international leaders in the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment and components for railway systems. CAF is a versatile and flexible company always capable of adapting to the needs of its customer.
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Talgo designs and manufactures rolling stock, maintenance equipment and material for different gauge changing applications. It also provides integral maintenance services adapted to each customer.
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Suministros Arsam

Arsam specialises in the distribution of industrial components. Suministros Arsam provides its services in the main industrial areas of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Spare parts


Atlas Bus S.L. covers new needs in the field of components, spare parts and accessories for coaches and buses. Atlas works with brands dealing with mirrors, lighting, interiors, bodywork, audio and video, hubcaps, electricity and door systems.


Civiparts are specialists in vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as in parts and workshop equipment for HGVs and parts and accessories for trailers and coaches.

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