Manufacture of accessories for trailers

Manufacture of customised parts for farm trailers

At INDUSTRI we design, prototype and manufacture exclusive accessories for farm trailers.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of rear view mirrors, both interior and exterior; however, we are always open to designing any other trailer accessories required by the customer. Our engineering team can adapt any of our accessories to the technical requirements of your project or develop the part from zero.

Rear view mirrors for farm trailers

The law stipulates that farming vehicles must be fitted with two rear view mirrors: interior and exterior – on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

At INDUSTRI we manufacture exterior rear view mirrors with heated and unheated glass to improve the driver’s view on very cold days.

As well as the integral manufacture of rear view mirrors for trailers, at INDUSTRI we also separately design and manufacture a number of parts for exterior and interior rear view mirrors. These components and spare parts for rear view mirrors are essential for them to function perfectly.

Other vehicles for which we manufacture customised parts


Personalisation and

At INDUSTRI we work hand in hand with our customers, meaning that we can manufacture all kinds of components adapted to their needs.

Innovation and

We have our own R&D Department, enabling us to lead the way in the development of new products.


We are committed to efficiency and constant improvement as the path to sustainability.

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