Customised roof windows for buses

Custom manufacturing of roof windows for coaches

At INDUSTRI we design and manufacture roof windows in different sizes and models for buses and microbuses. With a polyurethane core and manufactured using a thermoforming process, INDUSTRI roof windows offer hard-wearing mechanical resistance. They also come with an emergency opening system if the coach overturns.

These skylights have interior handles for manual opening to ventilate the bus, but they can be either mechanically or electrically operated.

What type of roof windows do we make?

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Mechanically-operated roof windows

Custom manufacturing of roof windows for busesAt INDUSTRI we manufacture mechanically-operated roof windows for coaches and minibuses. Each window is made to suit the needs of the bus type and is fitted with an emergency system.

A manually-operated handle will release the roof window and open it for passenger evacuation in case of emergency.

Our mechanically-operated windows are made by thermoforming and come with a polyurethane core.

Mechanisms and frames

Custom manufacturing of mechanisms and frames for roof windows of busesThe mechanisms are an opening system made by INDUSTRI for roof windows thanks to which they can be partially or totally opened. The partial opening is designed to ventilate the bus while the full opening is for use in case of emergency.

The frames are the parts onto which the roof windows are assembled. A strip of rubber isolates the bus window and prevents air or water coming in from the outside. These frames are made in Telene fabric, which has a series of inserts for assembling the roof window.

Other vehicles for which we manufacture customised parts


Personalisation and

At INDUSTRI we work hand in hand with our customers, meaning that we can manufacture all kinds of components adapted to their needs.

Innovation and

We have our own R&D Department, enabling us to lead the way in the development of new products.


We are committed to efficiency and constant improvement as the path to sustainability.

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