Customised hubcaps for buses

Custom manufacturing of hubcaps for coaches

We can manufacture customised hubcaps adapted to our customers’ needs. Our most popular model is the polished hubcap with its innovative securing system designed by our R&D&I department. A series of securing clamps or clips secure the hubcap to the vehicle wheel to prevent it from falling off.

Hubcaps can be personalised with the customer’s personal logo.

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Hubcap models and accessories


Custom manufacturing of kiruna hubcaps for busesThe Kiruna hubcap is a stainless steel model for use with 22.5” tyres.
It comes with different finishes. It can either come with a polished finish or with a “shot blasted” matt finish. Although somewhat more unusually, these hubcaps can be given an electro coating finish for their subsequent painting to match the bus bodywork.

The hubcap can be personalised with the customer’s logo either stamped in the centre or in sticker format.

It is secured to the wheel of the bus with 5 clips, commonly known as retention clips.


Custom manufacturing of clip hubcaps for busesClips are a retention system for wheel hubcaps especially designed by our R&D&I department.

This system has 5 clamps, commonly known as retention clips, which fix the hubcap to the wheel of the bus and prevent it from coming off, making for improved safety.

Our hubcaps can be personalised with the customer’s logo and come in different finishes. Consult us!

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At INDUSTRI we work hand in hand with our customers, meaning that we can manufacture all kinds of components adapted to their needs.

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We have our own R&D Department, enabling us to lead the way in the development of new products.


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