Components for the rear view mirrors of buses

Custom manufacturing of components for the rear view mirrors of coaches

As well as the integral manufacture of rear view mirrors for buses, at INDUSTRI we also separately design and manufacture a number of parts for exterior and interior rear view mirrors.

These components and spare parts for the rear view mirrors of buses and coaches are essential for them to function perfectly. Among them are actuators, joystick-type switches, dovetails and mirror glass.


Custom manufacturing of actuators for the rear view mirrors of coaches
Actuators are mechanisms used to fix mirror glass to exterior rear view mirrors and enable their adjustment for perfect vision. They can be mechanically or electrically operated. They come in different sizes depending on the dimensions of the mirrors to be adjusted.


  • 14-16-SC7 24V electric RING actuator.
  • PB-CE 24V electric SPRING actuator.
  • PB-CE-14 mechanically-operated actuator.
  • MEDIUM 16-SC7 mechanically-operated actuator.


Custom manufacturing of dovetails for the rear view mirrors of coaches
There are different systems for mounting rear view mirrors on the bus body, depending on the model of rear view mirror.

For fixed, non-adjustable rear view mirrors we use male and female dovetails. Both are made in aluminium, injected or gravity die cast, and cannot be turned or adjusted in any way while the vehicle is in use. The male dovetail is fixed to the bus structure and the female dovetail to the rear view mirror.

In the case of adjustable rear view mirrors, we use a male dovetail fixed to the bus structure and an adjustable female piece fitted to the rear view mirror. This system allows the mirror to be manually moved when cleaning the vehicle.


Custom manufacturing of switches for the rear view mirrors of coaches
Among the components we develop for buses and coaches are rear view mirror switches.

Thanks to these joystick-type switches, the driver can adjust the rear view mirrors from inside the bus without leaving their seat, making the adjustment easier and safer.

Joystick-type switches for bus rear view mirrors have a double electronic switch (12/24V).

Mirror glass

Custom manufacturing of mirror glasses for the rear view mirrors of coaches
INDUSTRI has been designing and manufacturing bus, coach and microbus spare parts and components for more than 50 years. Among these components is mirror glass and its housing, custom manufactured to suit the customer’s needs, the model of rear view mirror and the bus/microbus itself.

Mirror glass comes in different sizes and with different curvatures. Some kinds of glass are heated to prevent them from steaming over in low temperatures; this increases the driver’s ability to see in adverse situations.

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Other models of customised rear view mirrors:

Other vehicles for which we manufacture customised parts


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At INDUSTRI we work hand in hand with our customers, meaning that we can manufacture all kinds of components adapted to their needs.

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We have our own R&D Department, enabling us to lead the way in the development of new products.


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